Edwina Klein

Edwina Klein

Primary Phone: (310) 4890485

Member Profile

Art Media: canvas

Inspired by:

 Helen Frankenthaler, Jean Paul Miotte, Hans Hoffman, Franz Kline, Kandinsky

How I express myself in my art:

 My work has been primarily abstract . I usually just let the painting develop on the canvas. Images appear and I greet them. Often other people see images that I hadn’t considered. I love it when people can look at my work and create their own story. Movement, and water are common elements/themes in my paintings.

 I work with acrylic on canvas, board, or paper.  Sometimes I’ve used glass and mirror to add reflective qualities. My earlier work involved layers of texture and color fields.  Great inspiration has come from early abstract expressionist painters. Like many artists before me, I love to watch and be inspired by the paint bleeding into the canvas, filling layers of previous texture and just doing its own thing.  It takes on a life of its own.


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