Marlene Sanaye Yamada


Artwork by Sanaye

1146 9th Street
Manhattan Beach California, 90266
Primary Phone: (310) 4357878

Member Profile

Art Media: canvas

Inspired by:

Wolf Kahn, Stephen Pentak, Mark Rothko

How I express myself in my art:

My work celebrates freedom of spirit through the purity of color and brush strokes, light and movement. Each uplifting piece is a glimpse into a boundless environment. A quick glance sets a mood or conveys an emotion. More contemplation reveals intriguing details and surprises. I find it exciting to see the unique and unexpected effects that emerge with each new painting. The gentle shade variations are peaceful and soothing. The bold, bright colors are rejuvenating. I hope that my artwork stirs your emotions, lifts your spirits, and inspires you to reach new heights.

Link to sample work: Artwork by Sanaye

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