Silvia Peluso

Silvia Peluso

Healing Stone Creations

1601 Speyer Lane
Redondo Beach California, 90278
Primary Phone: (310) 379-4330

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Art Media: canvas

Inspired by:

The vibrations and beautiy of natural stones and crystals from Mother Earth. Trips to third world countries. Trips into my inner realms.

How I express myself in my art:

As a teenager, I pined for unique pieces of jewelry with a mystical, other-worldly feel. Years later, a part-time stint in a metaphysical store introduced me to the power and energy of crystals. I developed an intimate attraction to these stones, finding them much too beautiful to carry around in my pockets! The stones became a part of my artwork, punctuating my painted canvases (see I soon became a self-taught master of wire wrapping. Discovering a talent for creating the one-of-a-kind jewelry I had once imagined my line, Healing Stone Creations, was born! 

Each original piece is imbued with the loving energy of my Reiki-attuned hands. It is my hope that each piece will positively enhance the lives of their recipients. The energies of the gemstones help you shift your consciousness, so they help you focus on what you want to create.  They are a tool you can use to shift your focus, your thoughts, your way of handling challenges, and ultimately your behavior and actions, which shapes your destiny.

Life is a balance between seeking the infinite intelligence, possibilities and resources of the universe, while at the same time surrendering the ego-driven attachments. In my opinion, the energies of gemstones help you be more grounded, more aware, more joyous, resulting in this balance.

Each stone has specific attributes which call out to their admirers at different times in their lives. I encourage you to research the properties of the stones that attract you as a way of becoming more self-aware in your daily lives. 

If you are uninspired by mass-produced baubles that act as mere status symbols, adorn yourself and illuminate your life with original art work you can wear! 


I began painting as a child in Southern Germany near the Black Forest. My parents’ family friends became my first enthusiastic patrons. In1995 I moved to the United States and a career change in 2001 allowed time to pursue more creative endeavors, I re-discovered my passion for painting.
For me the process of painting is a meditative and therapeutic form of self-expression and discovery. Inspired by the spiritual experiences that illuminate /elucidate the marrow of existence; my intimate journey is offered to an audience, which often finds more than aesthetic delight in my work. Each painting is a unique and vivid exploration of our hidden realms which invites their admirers to engage in their own voyage of meditative self-discovery. 


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