Goddess Flower Gem Stone Ring

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Silvia Peluso

Lost wax cast is the method I used to create this glamorous, organic formed sterling silver ring. The stones set in it are Smokey Quartz and Turquoise. The model used to create the flower is a real geranium leaf. Geranium resonates with Mother Earth. It signifies the archetypal energy of goddess culture, and encompasses the energy of the feminine, of reproduction, of birth and rebirth.

Ring size #6 1/2

This ring can be used for grounding and protection, neutralizing environmental negativity. It is a great antidote for stress, cooling emotions and calming overactive thoughts bringing a sense of happiness and contentment. The energy of the stones stand for facing life, giving strength and motivation to meet new challenges.

SKU: Jewelry-10-311
Weight: 0 lb.
Dimensions: 0in. × 0in. × 0in.

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