Pachamama Hoop Earrings in Copper and sterling Silver

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Silvia Peluso

For these ethnic earrings I used a combination of copper and sterling silver. By using various tools I archived this organic look that could be a treasure found from a hidden land of Secrets and Knowledge. Through heat the copper transformed iridescent which gives it this magical shimmer of colors.

The length of these lightweight earrings is a little short of 2 1/4” and the widest part is a little short of 1 1/2”. The ear wire is sterling silver.

Here are some healing properties of the metals used:

COPPER reduces inflammation; releases tension and frustration; enhances brain function; eases conflicts; helps situations to reach a positive outcome; promotes emotional harmony.

SILVER eases to flow of energy in the body and clears it of impurities; eases difficulties with movement; alleviates nerve twitches; prevents infections; improves fertility; aids mental balance; encourages clear insight and intuition.

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