Warrier Copper Cuff with Boulder Opal

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Silvia Peluso

If you want to wear something unique and unusual this is it, a very comfortable fitting cuff that looks like a treasure from a long forgotten time. I used 16 gauge copper which I hand forged to give it shape and an antique look fitting a medium sized wrist. The raw Boulder Opal adds some more mysticism to it, don’t you think so?

eases conflicts
helps situations to reach a positive outcome
promotes emotional harmony
alleviates and helps to integrate difficult astrological and cosmic influences
reduces inflammation like rheumatism and arthritis
releases tension and frustration
enhances brain function
alleviates cramp-like pains of menstruation
promotes the smooth functioning of the glands

OPAL stimulates originality and dynamic creativity. It aids in accessing and expressing one's true self. Helps to stabilize mood swings and eases the flow of life-energy through the subtle body.

Resonates with astrological signs of TAURUS, SAGITTARIUS, & SCORPIO.

SKU: Jewelry-10-311
Weight: 0 lb.
Dimensions: 8.5in. × 1.5in. × 0in.

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