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Jennifer Hellman

At the beach down my street, I photographed a large mound of kelp that had washed up on the sand. The colors shone brilliantly at the peak of sunset, and I envisioned my photographic answer to a Jackson Pollack.

Historically, Labyrinths were used for private meditation, and as the years have passed, my kelp pieces have continued to feel meditative for me; though chaotic, they are repetitive, which brings a peaceful feeling to me. To bring more power to the design, I transferred it to canvas and built it into a three-inch deep gicle sculpture. With all the intricate detail of the kelp, this maze-like mosaic is visually complex yet balanced. Labyrinth-1 appeared eight years ago, and since then my fascination with kelp continues as I push forward with my series of seaweed art.

Weight: 0 lb.
Dimensions: 24in. × 3in. × 24in.

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